Bitcoin Operations Face Scrupulous Fraud That Has Attempted to Tackle Headfirst

Is bitcoin back? For thousands of bitcoin owners, bitcoin never went away. It has been quietly pushed into the background in the mainstream, but this never stopped major bitcoin operations from taking a proactive direction. This includes, a system that allows users to trade and purchase bitcoin with ease. The platform authenticates purchases. Yet, it has something that many bitcoin outlets do not, and it can be especially satisfying in 2017 as bitcoin pops back on the mainstream radar.

It begins when users buy bitcoin with credit card at The system is automatically confirming that the purchase is valid and authenticated. The system will actively review that the purchase initially made for the bitcoin is validated by a real person and not a bot. The goal of every confirmation is to show that the valuation and purchase is credible.

The system automatically monitors the bitcoin infrastructure to confirm that it is not victim to a hack, fraudulent trading, or automated cheating systems. International law enforcement agencies state that losses in bitcoin fraudulent activities reached $1.2 billion in 2016 alone. The fraudulent systems are eroding the potential of bitcoin. Bitcoin owners are not new to the shady systems within, and they have come to somewhat expect fraudulent activity to follow bitcoin. But, this does not have to be an expected aspect of the cryptocurrency. It could be an anomaly in a system that generally works as functional and safe for investors of all kinds.

There are a select few reputable sources to buy bitcoin with credit card. The system is damaged from within by other entities popping up with what appears to be a reputable website. It is quickly realized that the site fosters fraudulent trading or simply steals user’s inputted data in their effort to buy bitcoin.

The website is shut down quickly, but five more pop up in its place (often the same entities that reworked the web code of the site just shut down and simply remained it). Bitcoin buyers need to be assertive and careful while using platforms they trust with their data. The active monitoring is a step in the right direction.