Helpful Tips for Integrating a Better Work Life Balance into Your Routine

If you are one of the millions of Americans who work insanely long hours at the office and still continue to do your job after you walk out the door for the night, you are probably struggling with finding a better work life balance. One of the reasons we have so many much disease and so many mental health problems is because our society has been trained to place such a high importance on the fast paced, immediately gratifying, superficial lifestyle. There is not much of an important placed on personal happiness and wellbeing. However, over the last three to five years, there has been an uptick in employee benefits designed to enhance the physical and mental wellbeing of an organizations employees. If you are not one of the lucky few to experience this kind of office setting or work place environment, then it is up to you to create your own healthy habits and routines to improve your work life balance. Here are a few tips we have picked up along the way to start you off.

Create Boundaries at Work

One of the main reasons so many people have such a high level of stress and feel like they never get any breathing room from their job, is because they allow other people to dictate how they will, or should be, spending their time. Without setting boundaries about when your time is your own and when you can be available to handle work related tasks, it is hard to expect anyone to give you your space. Start by defining your on and off the clock hours and it should be easier to go from there. What you think you need now and what you actually need is very different in many cases and you will likely figure it out along the way.

Start a Fitness Routine

If it were not for my regular runs I would probably be a lot more stressed out than I already am. When I dedicate the time to getting out on my own, breathing in the fresh air, and inducing those work out related endorphins, I am a much happier and more balanced person. I feel like the effort I put into running allows me to release any built-up energy or tension in my body. If you don’t know where to start, visit your local foot locker to get yourself a pair of running shoes or training sneakers and take one step at a time. The best part about Foot Locker is all of the discounts and deals they offer regularly.

Find Time to See Your Friends

Socializing outside of work can be an important part of your work life balance. The idea that all of your friends are from your office can cause a problem when all you end up talking about is work relate topics that will just continue to trigger stress. If you are talking about the issues you have during the work day during your time off, you might as well be at work.